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    Exercise, Garcia’s, Movies, Sheepdog

    By Derek | December 29, 2019

    A good Sunday. (29th) 

    Exercised first thing, then went an ran some errands. Dropped by the library to return some things. 

    Tried a new Mexican restaurant Garcia’s in Schertz recommenced by our good friend who owns our favorite BBQ joint. Very good food. 

    Watched Grease, then Grease 2 with Jill. Hadn’t seen the first one in over 20 years, pretty sure I had never seen the second one. Hint: don’t bother with the second one, it’s pretty awful. 

    Read about, then watched video from the White Settlement Church Shooting. Watched the evening press conference, too. I’m so glad there were trained sheepdogs in that congregation, otherwise the loss of life could have been much higher. 

    Re-watched Pump Up The Volume

    Went to bed. 

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