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    Robotics, BBQ, UFC, 80s Music

    By Derek | January 18, 2020

    A great Saturday. (18th) 

    Jill and I, and our younger son, got up early to go to our teams Robotics competition. I took the day off from work. 

    The recent improvements to both teams’ robots made a nice difference in the amount of points they could score. A good amount of practice and added confidence didn’t hurt either. Both teams competed well, got into the finals, and had a lot of fun. 

    VEX IQ Challenge Logo
    VEX IQ Challenge

    When the competition was over, we headed home, and on the way grabbed some BBQ from our favorite place to take with us to our friends house in Boerne. 

    Once home, we unpacked the car and changed out of our VERSA team shirts. 

    Our friend and his girlfriend wanted to come, they were also invited by our friend in Boerne, so we all went together. 

    We came up to watch the UFC fight tonight. I’m not really a fight fan. In fact, before tonight, I had never watched a UFC match. I do enjoy hanging out with my family & friends, and sharing good BBQ, but we ended up watching a pretty great fight. McGregor v Cerrone, it was pretty impressive. 

    On the way home, my Music playlist got into an 80s groove after a bit, and we ended up singing to GnR, Queen, Poison, Whitesnake, and Aerosmith. Tons of fun. 

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