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    Pokemon, Family, Friends, Minecraft

    By Derek | January 19, 2020

    A good Sunday. (19th)

    Got up early (for a Sunday) to exercise and shower before Jill’s sister got here. She met us at our house to go to Pokémon Go community day with us. 

    We all had a good time at community day. The game was being not as friendly at passing out high IV monsters, but we did get a ton of them. Both Jill’s sister and myself got a good amount of shiny Pokémon, but our younger son and Jill didn’t get very many. 

    Came back home and made Instant Pot Ham and Cheesy Potatoes again for the family for dinner. 

    My friend David came over and we backed up our existing Minecraft server and started a new one. David ended up staying longer than I expected (until about midnight), which was cool. 

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