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    Errands, Pokemon, Crafts, Tortilla Soup, Mini

    By Derek | January 20, 2020

    A great Monday. (20th)

    Jill and I got up a bit early to take our older son to an appointment. Ran down to Quarry, to try to go to my eye doctor’s to grab something, but didn’t realize they’d be closed for the MLK holiday. Ran and played some Pokémon Go while out and about.

    Had to run to Tractor Supply for dog food. 

    We took our younger son to a homeschool park day. The kids, and a few adults played capture the flag. He had lot of fun, and us other parents got to know each other a bit. It was our first time with that group, but that’s OK, because they’re a fairly new group. They plan on organizing more events on Mondays, so that’s cool. We also talked to another lady who sounds like she might be interested in our robotics program for her kids, so we gave her our info. Maybe she’ll show up tomorrow? 

    Came back home to exercise and work on some craft projects. I needed to remove some “supports” from a 3D printed trophy base that Jill had printed at the Printed Meeple.

    Jill made her great tortilla soup for dinner (not Instant Pot), and it was awesome, as always. 

    Helped our friend build an LED light diffuser box to mount on his monitor for his streaming gig. He actually rented a room with his girlfriend down the road, and moved out of our guest room yesterday, so he is still working to get his studio all set up. Part of that is replacing some of the equipment that Jill was letting him borrow while he lived here. 

    After cleaning up the supports on the trophy base, I also worked on removing the supports from the Heroforge mini that I had printed. I think I got them all done. The first picture here is the original screenshot of the mini I downloaded from Heroforge.

    The second picture here is a photo of the actual mini after I got it all cleaned up. Next step, painting!

    Elaar resin print

    Time for bed. 

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