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    DMVx2, Art, Cookies, Star Citizen

    By Derek | January 27, 2020

    A good Monday. (27th)

    Slept in, then went and ran a few errands. I had to renew my driver’s license, it was set to expire on my birthday next month. I had to obtain my birth certificate, since I didn’t have a copy. I previously ordered one from Idaho, but then my dad found one that he wasn’t sure he had, and sent it to me. 

    Just before leaving the house, Jill checked hers and discovered she needed to renew it as well, so we all went to the Pat Booker DMV and got in line. We were there for about two hours before they called us to line up. Once we were in line, it went pretty quickly. 

    Took our younger son to a homeschool art class. We joined this group of other homeschoolers for Monday events. Turns out, the art place is right next to Cookie Cab, so I ordered a dozen cookies for the parents while we were there. 

    Didn’t exercise this morning, so I had to do it this evening, once we got home. 

    I had to work on a couple of customer systems remotely this evening. 

    Stayed up late playing Star Citizen. Only a few people were on from my org Synchronizerz but I wanted to play, so I ran some solo missions and earned some money. Money doesn’t really matter in the game right now, since we’ll have a persistence wipe before the next patch drops. They have been working to increase persistence, but people keep finding economy-breaking bugs (credit duping) that require them to wipe. 

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