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    Health, TV, Pokemon, Food

    By Derek | February 2, 2020

    A good Sunday. (2nd)

    Slept In a bit this morning, then got up and exercised. I’ve also been doing 100 curls with some 3 lb. weights, for the last few weeks while I ride the recumbent bike. Yesterday I moved up to 5 lb. weights. You wouldn’t think that would make that much of a difference, but it sure does. Oof.

    Watched another episode of Knights of Sidonia while I exercised. Good show. 

    Jill’s sister got here early in the afternoon, so that we could all go play Pokémon. They had a special 3 hour research event today for a new monster, called Minccino. We each got around 40 of them. 

    After that, we stopped for food at a really good pizza food truck up in Selma, ordered a Saw-Cheese (sausage and cheese pizza) and went to take Jill’s sister back to our house to get her car, as she had to go home and sleep, since she’s working overnights. 

    Mia Marco’s Pizza Food Truck, Selma, TX

    We went back to pick up our pizza, then ran our older son to work then came home for a couple of hours. I got to play some Star Citizen, Jill watched a movie, and our younger son played Minecraft. 

    We left late to pick up our older son, and had to make a quick trip to Walmart, since we were out of allergy pills. They have boxes of generic Zyrtec; 14 pills for 88¢. Since our younger son needs one every day, it’s the best deal we’ve found. 

    After that, we picked up a late dinner (breakfast) at Whataburger, then came home. 

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