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    Forgetfulness, Star Citizen, Work, Blog, Blahg

    By Derek | February 15, 2020

    A good Saturday. (15th) 

    Still sick on Thursday and Friday. Called out of work on both days. 

    On Thursday, Finished watching The Punisher season 1. As a family, we also watched the latest episode of Star Trek Picard. At some point, we started watching Phineas and Ferb, too.

    On Friday, I was able to get out of the house for a couple of hours for the first time this week. We went and played a little Pokemon Go. I mostly stayed in the car though, since I was still coughing and sneezing some. 

    Forgot to mention that this past week, Jill made me some home made elderberry syrup to help boost my immune system, and fight against the flu. It seems to be working. 

    One of the days this past week (I honestly don’t remember which day at this point) my younger son became a Star Citizen backer. He grabbed the Mustang starter pack because I mistakenly thought he would get a loaner of the Aurora. Well, he didn’t, so now he can’t carry cargo, but right now each backer has a free cargo ship on their account to overcome some alpha bugs in the game, so he’s ok for now. I will probably have him “melt” (exchange for store credit) his pack at some point, and have him upgrade to an Avenger Titan starter pack. It’s a much better ship than the Aurora, also. We played a bunch of Star Citizen together. It’s a blast, even in it’s alpha form. There are few good gameplay loops if you want to play solo, but playing in a group, exploring, etc, is pretty good fun. The larger the group, the better. (referral) 

    Become a Star Citizen and get 5,000 free Credits

    Saturday was a regular work day for me. I went ahead and signed into work, hopefully to get some done, but more likely just to catch up from all the stuff I missed this past week. Spent almost an hour just catching up on and dealing with Slack messages. Tackled my email next. I did manage to get a maintenance and an evac completed during my shift. 

    Discovered that SpinUp got the blog section set up, and my article is posted there: https://spinup.com/blog/mysql-vs-mariadb/. Very cool! 

    Posted all my late journal entries from the past week on my blahg. Also noticed that I was posting more Instant Pot recipes, so I went ahead and created a Recipe category, so that people can bring up all the posts with recipes attached. Went back through and tagged the previous recipe posts, as well. 

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