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    Customer, BBQ, Robotics, Python, Movie

    By Derek | February 18, 2020

    A great, but very busy Tuesday. (18th)

    Had a new customer this morning. Got to meet him at his house, and help him reconfigure his internal network to be simpler, better, and also fully documented. Helped him get his two network printers working flawlessly, and helped get his 2nd computer set up for Remote Desktop for his accountant to use. 

    Meanwhile, Jill and our younger son worked to get the house ready for Robotics this afternoon, then went to eat BBQ. 

    I returned home and helped another customer via phone get her new multiple monitors (plus laptop screen) configured correctly on Win10. 

    Jill brought me BBQ Frito pie for lunch, and as I was eating it, our kids showed up for Robotics. 

    We had a good meeting, even though the kids were pretty hyper. Maybe they’re excited for their competition on Saturday. 

    Our younger son has martial arts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and today was no different, except that today was also the day that I host my monthly Python meetup.

    So, we dropped him off and headed over to Rackspace to set up. Had a good meetup, Jill left partway through to go pick up the boy, and take our older son to work, then came back as I was winding down. The meetup group had a good discussion. 

    We left Rackspace, and our older son was just finishing up, so we went to hang out instead of heading all the way home, and then back just a few minutes later. 

    Once we got home, we snarfed down a small dinner real quick, leftovers for me, finally finished up the Mac and Cheese and Meatballs we made the other day. 

    Settled in to watch Ford v Ferrari, which turned out to be an excellent movie. Jill really did enjoy it at least as much as I did. 

    A couple of points about the movie that weren’t made; 1) the “photo finish” in the ’66 Le Mans was agreed upon by the race staff, who later changed their minds; 2) it wasn’t shown in the movie, but Ken Miles was actually ejected from the honeycomb car during testing, whereas in the movie, since the crash isn’t shown, you assume that he’s actually stuck in the car. 

    Overall, though, very exciting and well done movie about some really cool history. You don’t have to be a “racing fan” to enjoy this flick! 

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