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    Drobo, Work, RackerGamers, Chili

    By Derek | February 19, 2020

    A good Wednesday. (19th) 

    Ordered a new larger hard drive for the Drobo last night, really late, though. An 8TB to replace one of the 6TB drives that’s in it, from Amazon, hopefully it’ll be here Friday. 

    Regular work day for me. Back in the office, after last week’s flu. Still coughing just a bit, but I have cough drops, so that’s ok. 

    The new business cards for RackerGamers came in, and it’s pretty good timing, as we announced our official 501(c)(3) status yesterday!

    RackerGamers business cards

    Got some good work done today, a few minor edits to my documentation project, and the rest of the day spent on my primary product. 

    Went home and made chili for tomorrow’s work cook off, our younger son helped me get all the ingredients out, and organized to put into the chili. I walked him through all of the steps, as it really isn’t that difficult. In fact, the hardest part (for me) is cutting up the onion. Maybe next time I should just use the Ninja to shred it. 

    Jill had to go take our older son to work since I was watching the chili, but we went together to go pick him up before bed. 

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