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    Corvette, Work, Chili, Mom

    By Derek | February 20, 2020

    A good Thursday. (20th)

    Forgot to mention I took some pics of a really cool corvette while at Frys the other day.

    Busy day at work. 

    We had a chili cook off, that I participated in. I didn’t win, but got some good compliments on my chili, and some good feedback, too. More jalapeños was the answer. I hadn’t put any in. There were some really, really good chilis there. 

    Also, my primary product was having an issue that affected a small percentage of our customer’s restores, and we worked today to understand what was happening.

    Our younger son had martial arts, so Jill took him before I got home from work, then we left as soon as they got back to go take our older son to work.

    Honestly, I had forgotten to call my Mom for her birthday, so I called my Dad, but my mom wasn’t home yet, he asked us to call back in a little while. 

    We left the house again to go pick up our older son from work, and called my mom and we all chatted a bit before she had to go, since they’re getting up early tomorrow to go on a trip. 

    Got home and exercised, then worked on a customer’s computer remotely.

    Once done with that, time for bed. 

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