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    Work, PC, Drobo, TV

    By Derek | February 21, 2020

    A good Friday. (21st)

    My 8TB hard drive showed up super early, even before I left for work. Thanks, Amazon, for the prompt delivery, but that’s a bummer, ’cause I want to install it before I leave, but I don’t have time. 

    Regular work day for me. Worked on my primary product. Got a bunch of work done on the restore issue we were having. 

    Jill brought me lunch today, which was so nice. Yummy Teriyaki from the Japanese place across from my work. 

    Also, I took my younger son’s previous PC to work today for another Racker. He was given one a couple of weeks ago that was better than his, so I took his case, motherboard, processor and RAM into the office to pay it forward. 

    My coworker appreciated the system, she’s been wanting to put together a new gaming system. She needed to run to Altex to buy a new video card and power supply. Of course, the video card that she wanted was a bit larger than would fit comfortably in the case, so she ended up buying a new case, as well. She also made a deal with my boss to buy a spare (new) SSD drive he had laying around for the system, so I helped her get Win10 and her video drivers installed.

    Once I got home, I snapped the 8TB drive into the Drobo, removing one of the 6TB drives. It says it needs ~55 hours to rebuild. It usually goes a bit quicker than the initial estimate. 

    I got my exercise done, I’m still doing recumbent bike every day, sometimes in the morning, which I prefer, but if we stay up too late, then I don’t get it done in the morning, and I have to do it in the evening. 

    Jill and our younger son and I all watched the latest episode of Star Trek Picard, ate dinner, and then just relaxed for a bit. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, with a Robotics competition. 

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