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    Work, Pic, Laundry

    By Derek | February 26, 2020

    A busy Wednesday. (26th)

    Regular work day for me. As usual, starting my work week on Wednesday makes the first few hours a wash, what with having to catch up on mid-week Slack conversations, and loads of email. I generally don’t get productive until after noon. Maybe that’s just normal for a “Monday” — Wednesday is my Monday at work, after all. I don’t remember actual Mondays being that bad, but maybe they were. I always just feel so behind starting my week later than everyone else. Of course, that’s a double-edge sword, because I really enjoy having three days off in a row every week. 

    I forgot to post the picture I took of our banana bread oatmeal. Sorry. It was very yummy.

    Banana “bread” oatmeal

    After work, Jill and our younger son and I took our older son to work, then immediately left for the laundromat. Jill had already spent most of the day sorting and bagging our dirty laundry. Our washer went out a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve been hand washing the essentials, but we got tired of that, and decided to visit the laundromat. 

    We ended up with something like 16 loads of laundry, so we spent a ridiculous amount of money washing and drying them. 

    We got done just in time to pick up our older son from work, dropped him off at his apartment, then headed home to sort, fold and put away our laundry.

    I almost forgot to exercise, and we almost forgot to eat dinner, we were so busy. 

    We didn’t finish until after 1am, then off to bed. 

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