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    Work, WFH, CostCo, TV, Dinner

    By Derek | March 12, 2020

    A good Thursday. (12th)

    Regular work day for me. My employer has requested that most of our teams attempt working from home today, to ensure business continuity. That’s not very difficult for my team, as we were primarily WFH (work from home) before the recent policy change that snubbed that. 

    Worked mostly on my primary project today. 

    Jill managed to get in and out of CostCo with only a large passage of time lost. She said the store was crazy. 

    I managed to watch a couple of episodes of Marvel’s Runaways.

    Our friend Jim stopped by today to pick up some mail, near the end of my work shift. 

    After I got off work, our younger son was home from martial arts, so he showered while Jill took our older son to work. Once she got back, we went to dinner with Jim and his girlfriend. We ended up eating at Papouli’s at Quarry

    Once back from dinner, I went ahead and did my exercise for the day, while we watched an episode of Phineas and Ferb

    Time for bed. 

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