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    Work, Muffins, TV, PlayStation

    By Derek | April 29, 2020

    A good Wednesday. (29th)

    I need to get better at posting every day. 

    Regular work day for me. Working on re-kicking some hosts in one of our APAC regions.

    Jill made banana bread muffins.

    They were yummy! 

    Watched a couple of episodes of Agents of SHIELD, season 5. Haven’t yet seen how $REDACTED saves the team.

    Sorry, didn’t want to spoiler it for y’all. 

    My PlayStation controller came in, so I fired up my borrowed PS4, and proceeded to try out Nathan Drake Uncharted. I started with the first game, played for a bit, then we had to take our older son to work and back.

    I got through Chapter 4 before bed. 

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