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    Slept, Dehydrated, Duolingo, TV

    By Derek | May 4, 2020

    May the 4th be with you. 

    Slept in, since we went to bed so late last night. 

    When I did get up, I didn’t feel good, so I went back to bed for a bit. 

    I woke up again, and tried to do some exercise, I got about half-way through it before I felt bad again and had to go lay down. Pretty sure I’m just dehydrated. 

    Once i got up the third time, I grabbed a Gatorade, to drink. 

    I completed my 28th day in a row on DuoLingo. 

    I watched a few episodes of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, season 1.

    Jill made me chicken and rice for dinner. After all my sleeping, I was pretty hungry. 

    Got my exercise done in two parts, then went to bed early. 

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