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    Cinco, Slept, Housework, Switch, Siri

    By Derek | May 5, 2020

    Cinco de Mayo. (5th)

    Slept in just a bit, not too late. Felt pretty good when I got up. 
    Exercised first thing, then did some work around the house, laundry, changed some light bulbs, etc. 

    Jill and our younger son went to our favorite BBQ to eat. I stayed home, just in case, and had some leftover chicken and rice from yesterday. 

    Played quite a bit of Spyro. Still working on the first game. 

    Our niece came by to pick up their mail. I showed the game to her kids, they thought it was cool. We have a guest user on the Switch, so they played it for a bit. 

    After they left our younger son did his martial arts via Zoom, as “gyms” aren’t allowed to open yet.

    It’s interesting, but my Siri speaker downstairs was trying to call 911 during his Zoom meeting. Today wasn’t the first time he did martial arts over Zoom, but it was the first time our HomePod reacted to it. I might have to disable “Hey Siri” for the duration of his classes next time. 

    Jill took our older son and his wife to the store for groceries, then took him to work. 

    I played some more Spyro, until it was time to pick him up from work, then once we dropped him off we all played a little Pokémon. 

    When we got home I spent a couple of hours transferring Pokémon from Go into Let’s Go: Eevee on the Switch. I’m still working on completing my Pokédex there. Some of the transferred Pokémon are super hard to catch, though, since typically the Go monsters are stronger. 

    (not my actual screenshot)

    Time for bed. 

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