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    PT, Work, Updates

    By Derek | October 2, 2019

    A good Wednesday. (2nd) 

    Today was my first day of physical therapy. They had me start super slowly. I need to build muscles up in my glutes to allow my hips to do more of the work holding me up, rather than putting all that extra strain on my back. Focussing on the glutes is one of the things my previous PT had me start doing, earlier this year, as well. Anyways, I’ve got my schedule through the end of this month, twice a week. 

    Regular workday for me.

    Forgot to mention that I replaced that silly clear iPhone case that I ended up really not liking. It was also bigger and bulkier than I like my cases to be. I bought one that was a few dollars more (like $11) and is very thin and has leather on the back. 

    I also spent some time adding my previous updates, which were originally posted publicly only to MeWe, here. There’s an entry for nearly every day from here back to Aug 12th, if you’re interested. 

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