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    Sleep, Driving, Family

    By Derek | October 27, 2019

    A good Sunday. (27th)

    Stayed up late last night, got up late today.  Exercised after noon.

    Went out driving a bit, ended up stopping at Sam’s Burger Joint downtown. They have great food, but we were there too early for any live music. We got to see some cool bikes, though, they were pulling out as we pulled in, including a couple Spyders, with two wheels in the front. I think technically, those aren’t motorcycles, but they still look very cool. 

    Got home just in time for our niece’s family to show up, back from out of town.

    Got some good playtime on Nine Parchments on the Switch with the kids (ours is 11, theirs are a bit younger) before their bedtime. 

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