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    Pokemon, Robotics, Battery, Schoolwork

    By Derek | November 5, 2019

    A good Tuesday. (5th)

    Played some Pokemon yesterday. Went to a Hobby Lobby near us to buy some green shirts, we needed three and they only had one. 

    This morning, ran to a different Hobby Lobby to buy a couple more green shirts.

    Robotics. Walked the kids through gears, gear ratios and how those ratios can adjust the workload (torque vs. speed) by adjusting which gear is the driver and which gear is driven.

    Had a phone call with a customer to install some software on a new laptop they bought. 

    Jill’s car battery went flat and had to be jumped after martial arts today, I drove up there to hang out with her after my phone call. 

    Once we got home, we got to work on our younger son’s school work. Did that nearly up until bed time. 

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