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    Library, Lounged, NDI, Nicha’s

    By Derek | December 1, 2019

    A good Sunday. (Dec 1st)

    Slept in. 

    Took a trip to the library to return items and pick up some holds. 

    Lounged around the house mostly today. 

    Our friend who’s staying with is needed some help with his computer, he was having some issues with NDI. We tried a bunch of stuff before we found the issue. Essentially, he’s using NDI to stream his gaming PC to his laptop for StreamLabs OBS. What wasn’t happening is the NDI capture for SLOBS wasn’t showing up consistently from his gaming PC. We were able to make it consistently show up by disabling his unused network interfaces, disabling IPv6, and running the “NDI Studio” app on the receiving laptop after a reboot of either PC. 

    My sister from Arizona is working in town this week, so my family, and my parents, who are still staying with us went to dinner with her. We went to Nicha’s. Good Tex-Mex. 

    Came home to have some egg nog and hang out before bed. 

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