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    Work, TV, Pokemon, Pie

    By Derek | January 24, 2020

    A good Friday. (24th)

    Regular workday for me. Exercised as normal. 

    Worked on my primary product mostly today. 

    Jill had a ton of errands to run today, but managed to make it over to our favorite BBQ joint for Pokemon Go Trade Day. Our younger sone stated home and did schoolwork this morning, but did get to go to trade days also. 
    Talked to a friend this afternoon about Star Trek: Picard. He really wanted me to watch it. I’ve added it to my watch list, I don’t have CBS All Access. I don’t feel like they have enough content for a pay streaming service, they’re just being greedy. You might say, well, hold on, Apple has a pay TV service now, took and they have very little content… true, but Apple is giving away a full year of access with the purchase of any hardware.

    Binged Marvel’s Inhumans today. Of all the Marvel movies and TV shows I’ve watched, this one is about the least impressive. It is decent, and I wanted to finish all 8 episodes, but this show doesn’t really tie into the universe as well as Agents of Shield or any of the other shows so far (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Defenders, etc).

    Left the house with Jill and our younger son after work to go play some Pokemon Go. I had been home all day and needed to get out.

    After we played for a bit, we stopped by Jill’s sister’s work, Jim’s restaurant, to hang out and have some pie. Stayed way later than we should have. Got to bed late. 

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