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    Plants, Office, Brother, PS4

    By Derek | April 7, 2020

    A good Tuesday. (7th)

    Slept in a bit again. 

    Jill and I put together the shelf for the plants, as the grow lights arrived.

    Worked on my office some more, throughout the day.

    Called my brother for his birthday. He was on the phone, so we ended up chatting a bit via text. 

    Forgot to mention the other day that I found it neat that I could use a standard USB “clonetendo” controller on the PS3, since our niece hadn’t left a PS3 controller for me to test with.

    Our niece came by to print a couple of pages, and grab her mail. She also brought a malfunctioning PlayStation 4 Slim for me to look at. I think I figured out that it’s the hard drive going out. I pulled the original drive, popped in a small spare I had, and re-initialized the console, it seems to work fine now. I still need to test the original drive before we decide what needs to be done with it. 

    Went to bed pretty late. Seems to be a trend at this point. 

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