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    Relax, Solar, Errands, DuoLingo, PS4, Animal Crossing

    By Derek | April 8, 2020

    A great Wednesday. (8th)

    Got up around 10a today. Today would normally be a work day for me, but instead it’s a free mental health and wellness day prescribed by my bosses at work. They gave each of us an off the books day to take and relax. Of course, we’re still in “lockdown” and now, even, the parks are closed, so there really isn’t anywhere to go. 

    Watched an episode of Phineas and Ferb with our younger son while I exercised. 

    We took our new solar panel outside to test it today, as it’s a bit sunny. Jill watered and checked up on the garden while I set up and tested the solar panel. The USB2 and USB3 ports worked perfectly to charge my iPhone, and the plug port charges our Suaoki “generator” battery. I didn’t get to test the USB-C port because the only C device I have is the Switch. I didn’t really want to take it outside. I’m sure it works. Of course, I haven’t run any real tests to see how _long_ it takes to charge stuff. 

    We left the house just to take our older son on an errand, and pick up a couple of RedBox movies, then came almost straight home, we did play a little Pokemon (from inside the car) on the way home, though. 

    Also forgot to mention I started DuoLingo again. I’ve got a three-day streak going already. Look me up on it, if you want. 

    We left the house again to take our older son to work, and stopped at the convenience store to watch the bats fly. It turns out, there’s an overpass (at Thousand Oaks and Wurzbach Parkway) that houses tons of bats. About the time the sun goes down is when they start flying on their nightly journey. 
    When we got back home, I put the PS4 hard drive on to test, then I worked on my office some more. Making progress, but still lots to be done. 

    Ate dinner, then left to go pick up our son from work. Took him home, then headed home. 

    I started playing Animal Crossing. No, not that Switch one, I’ve never played Animal Crossing before, and didn’t really want to find $60 for it, so I figured I’d play the DS version, first. I was able to locate a copy of it, so, started playing it tonight. Played for maybe an hour. Boy, that Tom Nook, he’s a hustler, ain’t he?

    Animal Crossing: Wild World, for Nintendo DS

    Time for bed. 

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