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    Health, Work, Rations, Eggs, Movie

    By Derek | April 14, 2020

    A good Tuesday. (14th)

    Slept in, then exercised first thing. 

    Logged onto work in the early afternoon to help with a migration in our Sydney datacenter. It’s technically one of my days off, but my coworker could use the help, and honestly, I prefer being involved in things like this anyway. The migration went well. 

    I tried an expired food emergency food bar this afternoon. It was listed as a 5 year shelf life, and expired in 2013. As it’s made with just flour, with added vitamins, vegetable shortening, sugar, corn starch, corn syrup, natural lemon flavor, artificial butter flavor, and ascorbic acid it was pretty safe to eat, even expired. It tastes just like a lemon butter cookie. Pretty good, actually. This is what I imagine as modern day Lembas Bread.

    Both Jill and our younger son tried one, and didn’t really care for them. I don’t think either of them have eaten MREs before.

    Worked in my office a bit, then we took our older son to work. 

    We came home and Jill made us spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner. Yummy. 

    Picked up our older son from work, and swung by Walgreens for my prescription. I have hypertension and take a nightly medicine for it. We went through the drive thru to get it. 

    Before we drove away, we decided we wanted some Cadbury Eggs (we hadn’t gone out on Easter) so we pulled around to the front of the building. Of course, the 24h store was closed early, due to this lockdown. So, we went back and waited in the drive thru again, and got some Cadbury Eggs. 

    We dropped our older son off at his home, then went to drop off a few off the Eggs with Jill’s stepmom, who had wanted some the other day, too. 

    When we got home, I realized that my leg was hurting a bit. I think it’s hurting from yesterday’s elliptical attempt. 

    Jill and I watched Valentine’s Day before bed. 

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