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  • MCU Timeline, 2020

    By Derek | October 13, 2019

    This is a list of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and shows, in chronological order.

    1942: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
    1946: Agent Carter (Season 1 2015)
    1946: Agent Carter: Marvel One-Shot (2013)
    1947: Agent Carter (Season 2 2016)
    1980: Captain Marvel (2019)
    1980: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Flashback (2017)
    1989: Ant-Man (Prologue)
    1991: Captain America: Civil War (Scene With Death of Tony Stark’s Parents)
    2008: Iron Man
    2008: The Incredible Hulk
    2011: The Consultant: Marvel One-Shot
    2010: Iron Man 2
    2011: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer: Marvel One-Shot (2011)
    2011: Thor
    2011: Captain America: The First Avenger (Epilogue)
    2012: The Avengers
    2012: Item 47: Marvel One-Shot
    2013: Iron Man 3
    2013: All Hail the King: Marvel One-Shot
    2013: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 1: Episodes 1-7)
    2013: Thor: The Dark World
    2013: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 1: Episodes 8-16)
    2014: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    2013: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 1: Episodes 17-22)
    2014 (?): Guardians of the Galaxy
    2015: Daredevil (Season 1)
    2014: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 2: Episodes 1-19)
    2015: Avengers: Age of Ultron
    2014: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 2: Episodes 20-22)
    2015: Ant-Man
    2015: Jessica Jones (Season 1)
    2016: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 3: Episodes 1-10)
    2016: Daredevil (Season 2)
    2016: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 3: Episodes 11-19)
    2016: Captain America: Civil War
    2016: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 3: Episodes 20-22)
    2016: Luke Cage (Season 1)
    2016: Doctor Strange
    2016: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 4: Episodes 1-15)
    2017: Iron Fist (Season 1)
    2016: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 4: Episodes 16-22)
    2017: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    2016: Spider-Man: Homecoming
    2017: The Defenders (Season 1)
    2017: The Inhumans
    2017: Thor: Ragnarok
    2017: The Punisher (Season 1)
    2017: The Runaways (Season 1)
    2018: Black Panther
    2018: Jessica Jones (Season 2)
    2017: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 5: Episodes 1-10)
    2018: Cloak & Dagger (Season 1)
    2018: Luke Cage (Season 2)
    2017: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 5: Episodes 11-22)
    2018: Ant-Man and the Wasp
    2018: Iron Fist (Season 2)
    2018: Daredevil (Season 3)
    2018: Runaways (Season 2)
    2019: The Punisher (Season 2)
    2019: Cloak & Dagger (Season 2)
    2019: Jessica Jones (Season 3)
    2018: Avengers: Infinity War
    2019: Avengers: Endgame
    2019: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 6)
    2019: Spiderman: Far From Home

    Upcoming Movies

    2021 Feb: The Eternals
    2021 May: Black Widow
    2021 Jun: Venom: Let There Be Carnage
    2021 July: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
    2021 Dec: Spiderman 3
    2022 Feb: Thor: Love and Thunder
    2022 Mar: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Post Updates

    20201025 Update: Corrected C19 delayed Black Widow, added months for upcoming movies.
    20200713 Update: Corrected dates on C19 delayed movies. Moved explanatory text blocks to the bottom. Updated formatting a bit.
    20200511 Update: Added Spiderman 3
    20191013 Update: Re-arranged AoS shows to split seasons around the movies. Also added Marvel One-Shots.
    20191009 Update: Added Runaways, Iron Fist, Cloak & Dagger, Spiderman: Far From Home, upcoming movies.
    20191002 Update: Added date Disney+ launches.
    20190928 Update: Added Luke Cage (Season 2).

    Many of the shows are Netflix Originals, so I’m assuming they’ll be available there even after Disney pulls the rest of the content to Disney+.

    Some of this is taken directly from Inverse[1], but apparently, they’ve stopped updating their list.

    Added some new shows & movies with information pulled from mcu-timeline [2]. An interesting thing about their list is they tell you where to split the TV seasons and watch the movies. You should check it out!

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    Auto mount NAS or server share to a Raspberry Pi

    By Derek | August 21, 2021

    Recently I had an interesting experience attempting to get a share on my NAS mounted to a folder on my Raspberry Pi.

    Apparently, each step is mostly documented on the internet, but I wasn’t able to find it all in one place, so I thought I’d document it here.

    Here are the steps in detail.

    Step 1

    Change the raspi-config option for networking on boot.

    If you’re running the pi gui, click Menu => Preferences => Raspberry Pi Configuration. On the System tab, ensure that Network at Boot is selected on Wait for Network. Click OK.

    Generally, it’s easier to do steps 2-6 using the terminal, so that’s what I’ve documented.

    Step 2

    Make the NAS pingable by name, aka setup a hosts entry.

    If you haven’t assigned your NAS a static IP address, or more preferably, a DHCP reservation, on your network, you’ll want to do that before you start this step. This prevents your NAS from changing it’s IP address in the future, which DHCP normally allows.

    Check your router documentation or do an internet search on how to reserve a DHCP address for your network gear.

    Save yourself tons of headaches later, use a reserved DHCP address for your NAS or server.

    Add an ip/host entry by editing /etc/hosts. Your EDITOR will be nano, or vim, whatever you are comfortable with.

    $ sudo nano /etc/hosts

    Make a new line after the last one, then add the static or reserved IP of your NAS. If you have multiple NAS devices, you might as well add and test them all right now, each one on a separate line.

    Where I’ve typed <TAB> you’ll actually press the TAB key on your keyboard.

    ip.add.re.ss <TAB> nas-hostname

    In my example, I added the following: <TAB> drobo

    Save and exit. If you’re using nano, press CTRL+X then the “y” key to save the file.

    $ ping  nas-hostname

    If your ping doesn’t work, check that you have the correct IP address, and that you’ve spelled the nas-hostname correctly.

    Step 3

    Configure a folder to mount your share.

    I used /mnt, so I created my NAS folder there. My folder name is the name of my NAS, which I entered in /etc/hosts.

    I also wanted each “share” from my NAS under the NAS name. If you have multiple shares, create multiple folders here. The only trick is that Linux paths use a standard forward slash “/” instead of a backslash like Windows does.

    $ sudo mkdir -p /mnt/nas-hostname/sharename1
    $ sudo mkdir -p /mnt/nas-hostname/sharename2

    The -p allows the entire path to be created at once.

    In my example, I performed the following:

    $ sudo mkdir -p /mnt/drobo/archives

    Step 4

    Determine your pi username.

    Use the id command to determine your user id and group id.

    $ id

    uid=1000(pi) gid=1000(pi)

    The info returned also includes other text, which we don’t need.

    Generally, if you’ve not customized the user on your Raspberry Pi, your username will be “pi“, and your uid and gid will be 1000, but we need to know for sure.

    Step 5

    Add your mount line to /etc/fstab.

    Use your editor to open the /etc/fstab file.

    You want to be very careful in here, as making a mistake in this file can prevent your Pi from booting.

    $ sudo nano /etc/fstab

    Make a new line after the last one. Everything below goes on a single line, don’t worry about how long it is. Don’t forget to use the TAB key on your keyboard in place of where I’ve typed <TAB>.

    //nas-hostname/sharename <TAB> /mnt/nas-hostname/sharename <TAB> cifs <TAB> username=your-nas-user,password=your-nas-password,uid=your-uid-from-above,gid=your-gid-from-above <TAB> 0 <SPACE> 0

    Remember, all one long line. Let’s break it down.

    The first section, before the first tab, is the network address of your NAS. Again, forward slashes for path entries.

    The second section is the mount point you created on your Pi, forward slashes for path entries.

    The third section is cifs in lowercase.

    I’m kind of assuming that your NAS is running some form of Windows Networking, also called SMB or CIFS.

    CIFS is the protocol, or language, that Linux will talk to your NAS on.

    If you prefer to use a different file sharing protocol, you’ll have to know what it is, and what options to use.

    If you can get to your NAS from a Windows machine, in general use CIFS here.

    The fourth section lists your mount options. Your username, password, uid, and gid go here.

    The fifth section lists the number of times the drive will be allowed to mount before file system checking runs on it. Generally, 0 0 is fine here.

    Double check your work, spelling, format, everything. Make sure you haven’t modified any other lines in this file.

    Save and exit.

    //drobo/archives <TAB> //mnt/drobo/archives <TAB> cifs <TAB> username=pi,password=raspberry,uid=1000,gid=1000 <TAB> 0 0

    Step 6

    Test your mount.

    Let’s be sure and test that it works before we reboot.

    Make sure you aren’t in the directory you made, above. Also, make sure the sharename directory is empty, as the mount will overlay (and hide) any files there.

    Change directory back to your home directory.

    $ cd ~
    $ ls /mnt/nas-hostname/sharename

    No files (except the . and ..) should be listed.

    Run the mount command.

    You’re running the command as root, with sudo, but it will use your uid and gid to assign the mount to you, so that you can both read and write files there. If you left the uid off the mount entry in fstab, the resulting mount would be read-only to your user, and only the root user could change or create files there.

    $ sudo mount -a

    Change to the mounted directory.

    $ cd /mnt/nas-hostname/sharename

    Show the list of files, and make sure what you expect is there.

    $ ls 

    If your NAS share has files on it, you should see them now.

    If the files aren’t there, maybe it didn’t mount? Check your mount line in fstab, or see the Troubleshooting section, below.

    Test that you can create a file.

    $ touch a-test-file-name
    $ ls

    You should see that file created in your list of files.

    If everything worked so far, you should be good to reboot, and ensure the mount gets mounted on boot.

    Note that changing the Wait on Network option may make your Pi take a few more seconds to boot up, but it doesn’t seem to have any ill effect if you don’t have any networking connected, other than, of course, you won’t be able to mount or access your NAS.

    That’s about it. I hope this document helps!


    If you have trouble getting your NAS to mount. Check the system log file.

    $ sudo grep -C4 mount /var/log/syslog

    While describing what you’ll find there is really outside the scope of this article, one of the most common issues has a tendency to be when your NAS or server only supports an older version of CIFS. Sometimes, mount has difficulty negotiating the protocol to talk to your NAS. Look for something like:

    mmm dd hh:mm:ss pi-hostname kernel: [    9.845181] CIFS: No dialect specified on mount. Default has changed to a more secure dialect, SMB2.1 or later (e.g. SMB3.1.1), from CIFS (SMB1). To use the less secure SMB1 dialect to access old servers which do not support SMB3.1.1 (or even SMB3 or SMB2.1) specify vers=1.0 on mount.

    If you see this, but it still mounts, that’s actually good. If you see something like this, and it doesn’t mount, edit your /etc/fstab again, and add:


    RIGHT after your uid and gid on the line, like this:

    //drobo/archives //mnt/drobo/archives cifs username=pi,password=raspberry,uid=1000,gid=1000,vers=1.0 0 0

    Using an older protocol can make you less safe, but if you can get your drive mounted, you can always increase the version number until it stops working, then go back one.

    In general, the versions and their compatability are as follows:

    SMB 1 – Windows 2000
    SMB 2 – Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1
    SMB 2.1 – Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7
    SMB 3.0 – Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8

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    Burgers, Movies, LEDs, Produce, Acura, Star Citizen, Health, Work, Games, Garden, Friends

    By Derek | June 2, 2020

    Monday. (25th)

    Slept in way late again. Got up to take our older son to an appointment, only to find out that, of course, they were closed today, being a holiday, despite the fact that it was scheduled for today. 

    Played a little Pokémon while we were out, when we got back I exercised first thing. 

    We left again to go get lunch, ended up eating at Biff Buzby’s. Jill and I split a half-pound burger and some onion rings. Then we had cobbler with ice cream. 

    Came back home to watch a movie. I picked out Tristan & Isolde, which we hadn’t seen before. 

    We got part way through it before we had to take our older son to work. They had the day off yesterday, so naturally, the work piled up for them. We didn’t stay and chat, so they could get started and hopefully finish before tonight’s storm came. 

    Came home and finished the movie, then ate some quick dinner and watched Life As We Know It

    Added some blue LEDs to the bottom of my monitor. Bought them on Amazon for $6, they are USB powered. (pic) 

    Blue LEDs

    Tuesday. (26th)

    Got up earlier than we have been. 

    Headed out first thing to take our older son to the appointment that was scheduled for yesterday. 

    While we were downtown, we swung by River City Produce and picked up a few items for ourselves, and our friend who runs the BBQ joint.

    On our way back, we dropped off our older son, the produce delivery, then had lunch. I had the Frito Pie, and so did our younger son. Jill had just brisket and salad. 

    After lunch, we took Jill’s stepmom a Frito pie as well, then ran across town to Gunn Acura to get a service done on Jill’s MDX. We camped out in their waiting room for a couple of hours. Our younger son played on his iPad, Jill kept up with the news, while I colored some pics on Jill’s iPad. We also played a little Pokémon while we were there. 

    Got home in time to take our older son to work. 

    Came home to watch Class Dismissed with Jill, while I exercised.

    Ordered pizza for dinner, philly steak, sausage, onions and extra cheese, plus Asiago cheese. It showed up during my exercise, so we took a break to eat, then I finished my exercise. 

    The movie wasn’t quite over when our older son was done with work, so we ran to take him home, then came back to finish our movie. 

    Once the movie finished, our younger son and I fired up Star Citizen for a bit, but we didn’t play long, since both of us were over tired from the day.

    Become a Star Citizen and get 5,000 free Credits https://robertsspaceindustries.com/enlist?referral=STAR-H4F3-KZZH

    Time for bed. 

    Wednesday. (27th)

    Regular work day for me. Meeting day, plus all hands global meeting.
    Watched Wrinkle in Time.

    Took our older son to work, then back home.

    Time for bed. 

    Thursday. (28th)

    Regular work day for me. Got quite a bit accomplished. Worked with a co-worker to roll out a new alert that he wrote to our dashboard, so that we can track some containers with out of date software, and correct the issues. The containers are supposedly set up to upgrade certain components on their own, but have not been, for various reasons. This new check well allow us to find and correct them, as well as document and correct the underlying issues. 

    Started watching Starsky and Hutch

    Our younger son did his martial arts class over Zoom, still. They are re-opening the dojo next week, but they have little squares on the floor for the kids to stand in. We’re going to try going back, and see how it is. 

    After work, took our older son and his wife out to dinner for his birthday. We went to Chili’s and had Southwest Eggrolls. Man, those are good. 

    Came home and exercised, I hadn’t had a chance to do that yet. We’re still watching episodes of Phineas and Ferb while I exercise. 

    Bought and played a little bit of Minecraft Dungeons before bed. It’s only $20 on Switch, although it looks like there’s some DLC that I can get. 

    Friday. (29th)

    Regular work day for me. 

    One of the Rackers in our work Slack had everyone throw their names in for a random drawing of a free pizza. He then had it ordered and delivered to the Racker. That was pretty cool. 

    Watched Superman with the family. It’s cheesy in a good way. 

    Finished watching Starsky and Hutch. 

    Watched Bad Boys for Life. A friend of ours said he really hated it, but I thought it was decent. 

    Jill made hamburgers this evening for dinner. Fresh arugula from the garden, onion, pickle slices, and some wonderful cheddar cheese to go on them. She also made the hamburger meat with some shredded zucchini. Yummy. There’s even a patty left for me for lunch tomorrow. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture. 

    Saturday. (30th)

    Regular work day for me, got quite a bit done, working on migrating instances around in one of our regions. 

    Watched Scoob! with the family before bed. 

    Sunday. (31st)

    Today our friend David came over to visit, and play games. We ended up ordering pizza for lunch after he got here, and then played Stellaris until he had to leave. 

    Jill took our older son to work, then we all went together later to take him home.

    Monday. (June 1st)

    Slept in a bit this morning. 

    Jill and her sister made a trip to River City Produce this morning, then we left to go meet a friend for lunch at Don Pedro’s. 

    After lunch, I headed out with our friend to do some computer & networking work at his small business, and Jill headed back home to run some errands. 

    Worked until evening, then Jill came to pick me up, and we headed home.

    We just kind of hung out and talked about current events, and what’s going on in the world. 

    Tuesday. (2nd)

    Worked a non-standard day this week to perform our latest code release (deployment) for the product I work on. As I’ve moved to the  engineering team, officially as of yesterday, I’ll be doing more of these types of tasks as they need done.

    We started around noon, and finished up a bit after midnight, with all six regions that we support.

    Jill brought me Frito Pie from our favorite BBQ joint, but I was effectively on the computer all day. Our younger son got to go to martial arts physically today for the first time since the house arrest started. He said he enjoyed being back, even with the restrictions they have put on the kids. Everyone in their own box on the floor (at least six feet apart), smaller class sizes, shorter classes, no using their potty, sanitize before going in, and only one person in at a time until they reach their assigned spot. 

    Jill also had to both take our older son to work, and pick him up without me this evening, usually I like to go, especially in the evening, but I just didn’t have a chance to break away. 

    I did finally get to take a break around 10pm to get my exercise done. While I was exercising, I did my Duolingo for the day… still working on that, up to a 56 day streak now. 

    Time for bed. 

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    Spyro, BBQ, Robotics, Movies, Computer & Drobo Upgrade, Star Citizen, Health, Pokemon, Power Outage

    By Derek | May 24, 2020

    Monday. (18th)

    Slept in a bit. Got up and worked in my office for a bit, before I exercised. 
    Worked in my office a bit more. I’m still trying to get it organized. 

    Jill and her sister went to Tractor Supply. We’re trying to buy or build a coop for our backyard chickens. 

    On the way to take our older son to work, Jill’s AC compressor “turned off”. I think her AC system needs a recharge and it was getting frozen up. 

    Worked in my office a bit more until our older son was done with work. 

    Stayed at our older sons house and chatted with him a bit after we dropped him off. 

    Came home and played Spyro Reignited Trilogy until past my bedtime. I’m about 45% done with the first game. 

    Tuesday. (19th) 

    Slept too late. Got up and exercised. 

    Took the family to our favorite BBQ place for lunch. 

    Our robotics parts came today. We got our field extension and the new field elements for this year. We opened up the field elements and assembled one of them, just to take a picture of it near our team’s robots from last season, so we could send it out and they could see the size of it.

    Watched Highlander

    Our younger son’s new SSD drive came in, he was running out of space on his computer (250G), so he bought a larger drive (500G). He bought an NVMe, the 250G is a standard SATA SSD. So, I used Clonezilla (in Linux) to clone his 250G to the new 500G, then used GPartEd (in Linux) to grow the partition size. We’ll give it a week, and then we’ll wipe the 250G, plug it back in and use it for something else. 

    In addition to that, my mSATA drives came in. I ordered a couple of 64Gs to place in the mSATA bay for my Drobos. This gives the Drobo a Hot Cache so that it can build a list of the most used files and speed up access to them.
    I was able to upgrade one with no issues (my Archive drive) but when I upgraded my Plex drive it gave me a fright. 

    When I booted the Drobo back up, it came up with zero hard drives listed. I removed the mSATA and rebooted a couple of times, no luck. So, I set about to research why that would happen, and I didn’t really find any good information on line. As this Drobo is about 4 years old, and out of warranty, I ended up disassembling it completely, and cleaning it really well. The fan is still working, so no trouble there, but it was very dusty inside, including where the backplane meets the motherboard.

    So, I got it all cleaned up, and put back together, and it’s working great again. Whew. 

    Wednesday. (20th)

    Regular work day for me. Wednesday is meeting & planning day for my team. 

    I also found out today that myself and my co-worker will be moved to the engineering team for our product, under the engineering manager. This takes effect on the 1st. My current manager is moving on to head up another team that will be dedicated to a very large customer contract that our company just signed, one of the largest in our history. A bunch of good news today. 

    After work, we took our older son to work, then came home and I exercised before dinner. 

    Watched Highlander II: Renegade Version, aka Director’s Cut. If you liked the first movie, you owe it to yourself to watch this version, if you haven’t. It’s not a great movie overall, but this version fixes many of the issues with the theatrical release. When I say not a great movie, what I mean is that it has just the right amount of 80s cheese, despite being released in 1991. 

    Played some Star Citizen with my younger son before bed last night. We played in the Test Universe, so it was a bit buggy, and they rolled out a patch while we were playing, which disconnected us and we had to wait for the servers to come back up. They’re working to get ready for the free fly event next week.

    Thursday. (21st)

    Regular work day for me. I’m still working on re-kicking our old, now empty hosts to the new version of our software, so we can put them back in rotation. It’s a fairly large job, since there are tons of hosts.

    Watched Highlander III: The Final Dimension (also called The Sorcerer)

    Watched Highlander IV: Endgame

    We took our older son to work, then came home and I exercised.
    Took our older son home after work, then played some Star Citizen in the Test Universe with my younger son before bed. 

    Become a Star Citizen and get 5,000 free Credits 

    Friday. (22nd)

    Today marks the 30th anniversary of Microsoft Windows Solitaire, and the 40th anniversary of Pac-Man. Yes, I’m older than those things, I can remember when both of them came out. 

    Got up sleepy, and too late to exercise before work. Regular work day for me. 

    Watched Highlander V: The Source. Now that I’ve seen them all, I would say the universe is interesting… essentially, the first two movies, 1 & 2 (renegade) are probably best viewed as if they happen in a different, alternate timeline of the latter three (III, IV, and V). The backstory changes, and becomes a bit confusing if you try to put them all in the same timeline.

    Technically, III mentions the final event of 1, so I guess you could just have 2 in it’s own timeline. Who really knows. For the most part, they are fun action flicks, I guess, if you don’t try to take them too seriously. 

    Watched Red Sonja. Another cheesy 80’s movie. It’s in the same land as Conan, and has Conan in it, but he doesn’t play Conan. Heh. 

    Played some Star Citizen with my younger son before bed. Still played in the test universe. 

    Saturday. (23rd)

    Slept way in. Exercised first thing. Worked in my office a bit before we had to leave. 

    Went to a wedding of one of Jill’s friends from high school. The wedding itself was outside, so it was super hot, but the reception was in a very nice hall and the food was great. Geronimo Oaks in Seguin was where it was at. 

    They had live music and an open bar. Very nice. The band was very good. I miss my friend Stephen’s band. 

    Stayed pretty late, then came home and went to bed. 

    Sunday. (24th)

    Slept in. Exercised first thing. 

    We all left the house to run some errands, and play some Pokémon. Today was Community Day. Today’s Pokémon was Seedot. Not really a great Pokémon, but ok. 

    We ate lunch at Whataburger, yummy. Then sat in the parking lot across the street and caught Pokémon. Once we left there, we went to park at the back of our friends’ BBQ joint, since it’s usually a great place to catch Pokémon, and there are a couple of Poke stops to spin. 

    We found that one of the owner’s cars was in the parking lot, so we thought we’d call them and let them know we were hanging out, so they wouldn’t freak out when they came out. They’re closed on Sundays, but we thought the might be there working. 

    Turns out, they went to Trader Joe’s and asked us if we wanted anything. Jill asked for some “dirt mints”, then had to explain that they’re actually called Green Tea Mints. Our niece thinks they taste like dirt. They definitely have a strange taste. The name stuck. 

    While we were waiting for our mints, our older son asked us to bring him some Barbacoa tacos. We grabbed a couple from the Mexican place next door and ran them over to him. 

    Once our friends showed up with our mints, we went back to the house. 
    Our younger son and I started playing some Star Citizen, until the storm came and the power went out. 

    The outage lasted maybe an hour and a half, then everything came back on. We had shut down most of the electronics earlier, in preparation, and gotten out our batteries and flashlights. We were ready. 

    Time for bed. 

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    TV, Game, Duolingo, Health, Star Citizen, Furniture

    By Derek | May 17, 2020

    I decided to change it up a bit with my posting, some days are less exciting, and I don’t want to waste my reader’s time, so I’m going to write in my journal every day, but post every few days when there’s something interesting to post.

    Wednesday. (13th)

    Regular work day. Everything went well, and we got some good stuff accomplished.

    Watched an episode of Knight Rider with our younger son.

    Exercised after taking our older son to work.

    After taking our older son home, I played a little more of Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, then we went to bed.

    Thursday (14th) & Friday. (15th)

    Regular work days for me. Not much exciting going on. Stayed on top of my Duolingo and exercising, though.

    Saturday. (16th)

    Took the day off today, for a rocket launch, which got cancelled due to Covid. So, we slept in.

    Taking the day off worked out, though, ’cause some friends of ours were having a baby shower this afternoon, so we went down to their property, and hung out for several hours.

    After we got back from their place, I played some Star Citizen until past my bedtime.

    Become a Star Citizen and get 5,000 free Credits https://robertsspaceindustries.com/enlist?referral=STAR-H4F3-KZZH

    There is a “free fly” event coming up — if you get an account made, and get the game installed, you’ll be able to try out some ships without purchasing any, or a game package. Click my link above if you haven’t made an account yet.

    Sunday. (17th)

    Slept in, but exercised first thing. Today is my 40th day in a row for Duolingo.

    40 Days Streak of Duolingo

    Yo hablo Espanol! Well, I’m learning, anyway. I took a few years of Spanish in high school, but honestly, without the regular practice before now, I don’t remember much. Duolingo seems to be working, though.

    We finally moved our new (very heavy) nightstands upstairs.

    New (to us) nightstands

    Took Jill to get her pedicure, the salon just opened yesterday. You don’t exactly need an appointment, but they have a waiting list that you can get on through their website. After we ate lunch, we tried Shake Shack, we sat in the car for two hours, since the inside waiting room is closed.

    She got out just in time for us to leave and take our older son to work.

    After we took him home, I played a bit more Star Citizen before bed. 

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    Health, Taxes, BBQ, Drobo, Games

    By Derek | May 12, 2020

    A good Tuesday. (12th)

    Slept in a bit, but exercised first thing when I got up. 

    Worked on our taxes a bit again this morning, I think I have everything I needed to do complete. 

    Kept up my Duolingo streak! (pic) 

    Duolingo 35 day streak!

    Went to lunch at our favorite BBQ place. I was pretty hungry, so I had the frito pie. 

    Spent some time setting up my second Drobo. I’m plan to migrate my Archives folder off my primary Drobo to this lower capacity one. That will free up more room for my Plex collection on the primary Drobo, and also give me some data diversification. Got some rsync tasks going between the two for now.

    Took our older son to work, and played a little Pokemon while we were out. 
    After he finished, we took him home.

    When we got home, I decided to play a little Freespace 2. This is a game that I missed out on growing up. I played through the tutorial levels, then decided to see if there was a graphical upgrade for it. I was able to locate it, and started getting the upgrades and mods installed. I couldn’t get the YAL (launcher) to launch the game properly with the mods installed, or at least it didn’t look like it was working, so I set it up to download a different launcher, and went to play another game I missed when it came out, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

    Played through that for an hour or so before bed. 

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    Slept, MCU, Quiet

    By Derek | May 11, 2020

    A Quiet Monday. (11th)

    Slept in a bit. Got up, ate breakfast, read a bit before getting on the bike. 

    Updated my MCU Timeline post.

    Watched some Extras for the Star Wars Rebels show.

    Took older son to work, then home. 

    Pretty quiet day. 

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    Health, TV, Mother’s Day, Movie

    By Derek | May 10, 2020

    Happy Mother’s Day! (10th)

    Got up a little early to exercise, watched the end of Marvel’s Luke Cage, season 2. Next up is… the remaining episodes of Agents of SHIELD, season 5.

    Worked on cleaning my office a bit.

    Took Jill out for lunch for Mother’s Day. We ate at Salsalito’s, which is our favorite Mexican place. 

    On the way back home, we called my mom to chat. Chatted for a good few minutes. 

    Watched Definitely, Maybe with Jill.

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    Work, TV, Laundry, Snubbull, Movie

    By Derek | May 9, 2020

    A good Saturday. (9th)

    Regular work day. Pretty quiet day, which is good.

    Watched an episode of Marvel’s Luke Cage, still working on season 2. 

    Did some laundry today, while I was working.

    Had some leftover spaghetti for lunch, still great. 

    Played a little bit of Pokemon during the Timed Snubble Event today. I did manage to get a couple of Shiny Snubbulls! I upgraded one of the best ones.

    Shiny Snubbull => Shiny Granbull

    Jill went to Tractor Supply with her sister. 

    Did left over spaghetti again for dinner. 

    Exercised late.

    Watched Ponyo with the family, before bed. Interesting movie. It’s not bad, but it’s certainly not my favorite Miyazaki. 

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    Work, TV, Costco, Health, Delivery, Vex

    By Derek | May 8, 2020

    A good Friday. (8th)

    Regular work day for me. Got a good bit or work done. 

    Watched a few episodes of Marvel’s Luke Cage, working on season 2.

    Jill had to go to Costco to fill up the car, so she went ahead and stopped into the store and got some essentials. 

    Exercised after work, watched Rick & Morty, season 4, episode 1. It’s just as crazy as previous seasons. 

    Jill made some great spaghetti for dinner. 

    Ordered two Blasts and a milkshake from Sonic, using DoorDash. Our order was $26 and some change, where $11 was the total of our desserts. Ouch. This is why we don’t do that much. 

    We checked out Vex VR for a bit, just to ensure that it’s working. Our younger son will be starting lessons on it next week. 

    Time for bed.

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    Work, TV, Martial Arts, iPad

    By Derek | May 7, 2020

    A good Thursday. (7th)

    Regular work day.

    Finished Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, season 1. 

    Our younger son did his martial arts via Zoom again, today. I think Texas is going to allow “gyms” to open soon, though. 

    We left the house to take our older son to work. 

    Once back, I watched the second part of 10 Years with Hayao Miyazaki. This is four part documentary, and it’s very interesting, but also moves pretty slowly. It’s in English, but Miyazaki himself speaks only Japanese, so there are subtitles, too. It’s difficult to watch while multi-tasking, but Im enjoying it.

    I worked in my office a bit. We have an original iPad 1 that I tried to Jailbreak a while back, and that made it non-functional, mostly, I think, because the Cydia stuff seems to be shut down. Anyway, I restored it tonight, and set it back up for what it was doing before, running as a photo frame. 

    iPad 1

    Yep, it’s ~10 years old, and doesn’t do much, but it will still connect to iCloud, sync down my favorite photos on a regular basis, and display them as a photo frame. I ordered a new Griffin stand (off eBay, they’re discontinued) and it came in today, so I was motivated to get it set the iPad back up. Now I just have to decide where to place it. The stand is designed so that the power cord (30-pin) can be “hidden” while it’s running, as long as the iPad is in portrait mode. 

    Griffin iPad Stand

    Time for bed. 

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